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HEAVY METAL - V Live at the Gas Station Fighting the Devil LP

Total Punk

HEAVY METAL - V Live at the Gas Station Fighting the Devil LP

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Highly recommended. 

German punk provocateurs Robert Pawliczek (Diat, Itchy Bugger, Bobby Would) and Jasper Hood (Black Jaspers), are back with a brand new LP and first for Total Punk. 

Over the last four years Heavy Metal has put out four absolutely essential albums. Heavy Metal isn't a heavy metal band, Live at the Gas Station isn't a live album (they refuse to even play live), and opener Motorhead has nothing to do with Lemmy or his mole. Such is the audacious and absurd world of Heavy Metal.

Leading off with the reverb blanketed JAMC vibing 'Motorhead.' For a band that embraces putting their filthy lint covered stamp on any and all musical genres the soft dreamy touches of the album opener leaves us asking "Has Heavy Metal cut it's hair?" Before you have time to answer, the boys fill the tank, drop the clutch, and kick into the HUBBLIN BUBBLIN 'Motorbike' and rarely let up for the remainder of the LP. Occasionally wandering into the weird and warbled on tracks like 'No Air', 'I Am Something', and the hypnotic lurch of 'Centipede Venom.' However 'V:Live at the Gas Station Fighting the Devil' spends most of its time daring us to herk, jerk, spazz out, and let loose. Party music for party mutants.

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