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HEAVY LIDS - Final Days LP

Blak Skul

HEAVY LIDS - Final Days LP

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Red vinyl.
Highly recommended. 

"The garage-punk scene in New Orleans is a breeding ground for weirdos who fuck around with electronics. One of its finest bands is Heavy Lids, whose debut album, We Believe in the Night, was one of the best in its class last year. Led by John Henry Kelly alongside drummer Benny Devine and organist Miss Mass Destruction, the band pairs power-guitar barrage with keyboard-based spaciness. The title track of Heavy Lids’ latest recent album, Final Days, is a fitting intro to the band’s M.O.—it’s a song about getting into fights, spilling blood, and riding through the night. At first, it builds with a dark synthesizer atmosphere, an ominous soundscape that sets the tone for the bulldozing energy of scuzzy power chords and an organ hook. 'They say obey,' Kelly shouts repeatedly, before crying, 'we say no way!' and ripping through an enormous guitar solo. There’s an urgency to Kelly’s guttural shout and the band’s apocalyptic shredding, and it makes their familiar message about fighting authority land like a kick in the ass.”—Evan Minsker (Pitchfork)

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