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HEARTBREAKERS - Live At Max's Kansas City LP

Max's Kansas City

HEARTBREAKERS - Live At Max's Kansas City LP

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Quite possibly the noisiest, messiest, most sheerly PUNK live album there ever was, from that opening clatter of car-horns and feedback and sirens and the screech of metal all the way to their anarchic blast through Berry Gordy Jr.'s hoary old classic "Do You Love Me?" This is every bit as vital a document as Never Mind The Bollocks (and Mr. Thunders was always so indefinably more than the other punk Johnnys Rotten and Ramone), sneering and visceral, and with surprising kick to the overdriven guitars (you can really hear them echoing off the walls, blasting out of cheap battered amps), given the severe recording limitations. Not only the Heartbreakers' farewell gig, it was classic punk's last will and testament before limping brokenly through the eighties.

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