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HANK WILLIAMS - The First Recordings 1938 7"


HANK WILLIAMS - The First Recordings 1938 7"

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Red vinyl, first time on vinyl.
First ever recordings made by Hank Williams, limited to 2500. 
Disc labels replicate original labels on 1938 acetate. 

In 2010, an old friend of Hank Williams, and former local Alabama DJ, "Uncle" Bob Helton rediscovered an acteate recording he made in his kitchen, of Hank, months after Hank formed his first set of The Drifting Cowboys at the age of 14. While many the world over know of his country songs, Hank was more influenced, as a child, by the blues music he heard on the Montgomery streets, along with whatever songs became popular on the radio and in movies. In this case, Hank chose first to record a double-entendre Blues song called "Fan It", originally made popular by Blues singer Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon and recently, at the time, regained popularity via western swing groups like Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies. For the other side, Hank recorded an old popular song called "Alexander's Ragtime Band", which regained popularity from a Bing Crosby movie, of said title, that was released in 1938.

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