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HALO OF FLIES - Music For Insect Minds 2LP

Amphetamine Reptile

HALO OF FLIES - Music For Insect Minds 2LP

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One of the most important guys in late 80's/early 90's hideous grunge punk / post hardcore, Tom Hazelmyer, is more known for his label, the once mighty Amphetamine Reptile, than he is for his band, Halo of Flies.

Well, you should get to know this band.  Music for Insect Minds collects pretty much everything the band did, from their sloppy noise punk early work, to their heavy, distorto-mod rockers, to their chilly, weapons grade freakbeat.  Imagine Mudhoney taking on more The Thrown-Ups and Germs into their sound and trying to recreate '66/'67 UK obscurities and you're buzzin' the Flies particular pile of shit. It effortlessly embarrasses the effete crew of post-Black Lips whiny boys back into grad-school. Well, what would you expect from an ex-Marine and his buds?

"Tired & Cold"
"Wasted Time"
"Ain't No Hell" - what a great chorus!
"Spit It Out"
"Ballad Of Extreme Hate" - Man, for real - you 'weird punks' ain't got but shit on this.
"You Get Nothing"
"Headburn" - break shit to this
"Father Paranoia" - break more shit to this
"Drunk (In Detroit)" - hey, this guys like MC5.
"Garbage Rock" - for the opening alone.
"D.D.T. Beat 69" - great title - great song with godhead riffs and retarded chorus.
"One Barrel Spent" - this asshole thinks he's Randy Holden
"I'm Clean" - if you've broken everything in your room, move to your kid's room and continue.  Ignore your wife / husband.
"How Does It Feel To Feel" - these pricks mutilate a The Creation song
"D.D.T. Fin 13" - Grade A grunge punk face puncher with psych-punk interlude.  Pass the ditch-weed, I think I'm Gibby Haynes...
"Clowns" - If you've been kicked out of the house, put on your iPud, dial in "Clowns", kick in neighbor's door. Continue to break shit.

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