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GREAT PLAINS - The Mark, Don & Mel E.P. + 4 LP


GREAT PLAINS - The Mark, Don & Mel E.P. + 4 LP

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Includes d/l code. 
Limited edition of 500 copies. 
Highly recommended. 

"As we all know, Ohio is the cradle of some of the weirdest and greatest rock ’n roll ever recorded, from Pere Ubu to Devo and beyond. Those of us who like our music raw, odd and American can have all of our itches scratched at once via the great Great Plains, who belong squarely inside that hallowed canon. Rightly remembered as paragons of lyrical excellence and crooked, drunken wit, revisiting the band’s early releases all these years later reminds us too of their snotty, garage-rocking exuberance. The Mark, Don & Mel EP fuses their groovy, jangly, post-? Mark & The Mysterians stumble-and-stomp to some of the brightest, funniest observations on both the human and local (in this case, Bernie’s Bagels, circa 1983) scenes ever recorded. What a joy to have this back in print!"
-Matthew Specktor, author of American Dream Machine and That Summertime Sound

Rerun Records is proud to present new issues of the first two records by Columbus, OH's GREAT PLAINS. Smartass garage pop, firmly rooted in a beer-soaked Midwestern basement. Catchy tunes with too smart for their own good lyrics from the off-kilter mind of RON HOUSE. The first release is a reissue of their 1983 debut, The Mark, Don & Mel EP 12". We've added four bonus live tracks to make it a full LP, all performed by the same line-up as the EP. The second is a reissue of their first full length Born In A Barn, originally released on the legendary Homestead Records in 1984. Both have been out of print for 30-plus years. Both have remastered audio and printed inner sleeves with discography, testimonials, reviews of the original releases, photos, etc.

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