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Yep Roc


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Limited edition clear vinyl.

Widdershins means "to proceed counter-clockwise". Or, against the grain. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Phillips is singing with a dissenting voice, and a short, ultra-focussed blast of vitriol was his method of spitting bars of rage (as the young people say). It works very well. As an album, it's tight and consistent, and the "power trio" setting is perfect, being unfussy and direct. It's also brought out the best in him, and Phillip's voice has never sounded better. On "Liberation", Phillips sings like he means it and even has time for a stinging guitar solo to emphasize the equally stinging lyric. Roe and Price rise and fall behind him and make a huge noise for three people. There's very little ornamentation here, and the songs are all the better for that.

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