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GOSPEL TRUTH - Jealous Fires LP


GOSPEL TRUTH - Jealous Fires LP

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Highly recommended by Strangeworld.

Noise, as made by Gospel Truth on their 2nd LP hearkens the discordant clash of Gang of Four in Patrick Travis' guitar figures, Devo's herky-jerk in the rhythm section, & the snarling darkness of Australian gloom-mongers the Birthday Party in overall atmosphere.

"The Gospel Truth’s 3rd record and 2nd full length takes ideas & sounds cleverly sketched out on 2013’s ‘A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things’ and opens ‘em up wide screen to the point where the quartet’s range is running neck-and-neck with their imagination. Expertly recorded by Ian Rundell (Spray Paint, Empty Markets, Xetas), ‘Jealous Fires’ is a brooding, kinetic masterpiece, one that makes a very strong case for vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Mark Tonucci’s unique take on the human condition.
There’s vague echoes of some exceptional moments in rock history (Suicide, the Bad Seeds, ‘Transformer’) but there’s no contemporaries with The Gospel Truth’s ability to fuse such unvarnished explorations of mind, soul & spirit to a musical accompaniment nearly as explosive. In bassist David Petro and drummer Brandon Crowe, Tonucci’s got one of underground rock’s more inventive rhythm sections ; in guitarist Patrick Travis, a player whose flair and stylistic range makes a mockery of, well, anyone who’d settle for calling this band post-punk." - 12xu

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