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III provides classic Goochie rhythms and then some; with the gruesome twosome rollicking through the album in a cascade of strumming, harmonised verses, and all-to-relatable lyrics, their catchy songs also take dives into new musical directions. Strumming us from Coast to Coast with surf-rock choruses that catapult between waves of distorted verses, the last chord strummed will be a gentle reminder as to why we hold onto the Newcastle duo so tightly. Through the distant vocals and pitter-patter drumming in Yeh Nah, you’ll be given an explanation as to why they couldn’t make it to “whatever it is you planned tonight,” in an ironic sort of manner that’ll make you smirk at the idea of what “they’ll hate my haircut” might look like. You’ll forgive their absence though as the album moves into an anthem of songs that’ll be a part of the next party playlist.

When I Was a Kid just might be one of those tracks as it widens that smirk you were wearing as you imagine a younger Macqueen bouncing on his bed, envisioning the rockstar that he’d become. A frolicking opener for Summertime takes us on a journey that tinges with romantic notions, gliding us through the choruses in waves of nostalgia and tapping toes to the ba-da-dum-ba-dum-dum of the bass drums patterns.

New Phone Who Dis? gives us a friendly reminder that we’re living in the 21st century, with a detailed account of what it’s like to be dependent on technology within our modern social climate. Closing with I Get Out, we’re taken to a new astral plane within this moody track. Drawling lyrics and gently strummed melodies, there’s an essence that feels so natural on this track that gets ya thinking about The Goochies moving towards uncharted territory in the future.

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