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GOAT - World Music LP

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GOAT - World Music LP

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Limited edition "Psyched Swirl" colour vinyl.

World Music is a sweaty, primordial stew of heavy psychedelic funk that casually shifts from one underlying globetrotting influence to the next without ever losing the fluid continuity of its fuzzed out 70s pagans-on-E party sound & vibe.

It's such a seamless sonic quilt that the variety on display never comes off as showy or even particularly conscious. That's in part because it's sonically held together in large part by acid-melted guitar licks, heavy grooving percussion and aggressive female chanting. But it's also partly because the band sounds like it views everything from Cream and Black Sabbath to afro-cuban and Middle Eastern  music as essentially the same. It's progressive, tribal and at times scary dance music for an increasingly globalized world.

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