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GOAT GIRL - On All Fours 2LP

Rough Trade

GOAT GIRL - On All Fours 2LP

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Limited edition Transparent Pink colour vinyl.
Highly recommended. 

Goat Girls sophomore release replaces the edginess of its predescessor with a softer, less angular mix of ambient electronics.  This more melodic take perfectly compliments the the lyrical content of the everyday existence of the not so everyday, odd, outsider human lyric's. This clever contrast appeals in much the same way the Smiths did in the early 80's Thatcher era. Speaking of Tories, The big picture stuff is still there but the Tory burning is replaced with enviromental political issues.

"On all Fours" is an engaging, melodic piece of indie pop/Electronica that will please those wanting something that expresses its  avante garde musical agenda in a more subtle fashion.

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