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GLUED - Cool Evil LP

Born Yesterday

GLUED - Cool Evil LP

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"The poignant and dissonant post-punk on Cool Evil, the debut LP from St. Louis quartet Glued, is unrivaled in its ability to simultaneously captivate and isolate the listener into a nostalgia-fueled fog. The band channels a sound reminiscent of the likes of Melkbelly, Pile, Nots, Blessed, and Polvo that timidly perches itself between pop-laden hooks and outright chaos without ever being too predictable." - The Alternative 

"The Glued sound works due to a number of factors. Their inclination towards classical counterpoint and three voice harmonies in their compositional technique spearheads the music and the style. We can often discern a lead line, a rhythm line and a bass line, but the way they interact with each other to form ever-changing intervallic relationships and harmonization offers a new flavor and helps the project feel well glued together (check). These roles tend to not be static, as the voices like to step outside their boundaries to cross with each other and create a special sort of tension. The drums, on the other hand, lay down a no BS foundation that keeps these sonic panoramas pulsating and breathing– everything Chelsi plays is necessary and to the point. Shared vocals sent through a haunting chorus effect weave in and out seamlessly, sharing space with the expansive triple guitar leads to complete the sound of this unique chin-scratcher of a band." - The St Louis Music Report

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