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GG KING - Remain Intact LP (first pressing)

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GG KING - Remain Intact LP (first pressing)

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Punk rockers venturing into Strangeworld since our inception (early December '15) that have dropped the term "Wipers" have immediately been introduced to the wonders of GG King's 2nd LP 'Unending Darkness'. Some have walked out with a copy, others have scratched their head at what just happened. All are better for the experience. You now have another chance.

"GG King is a sterling example of how to age as a punk rocker: grow wiser and sharper, and figure out how to fluidly integrate your own personal inspirations without watering down the sound. Remain Intact is a fine example of this, as GG King’s songs flow better than ever before, while the varying influences (black metal, cock-rock, sludge, post-punk, etc.) shine through without disruption. The general template is still brooding punk rock, in line with Rikk Agnew’s earliest records, The Wipers and The Dils, but this is as far from a deferential genre-exercise as it can get. These songs are full of hooks, but weird hooks… it’s like there is a clear precedent in punk for the music GG King makes, yet the songs themselves are kind of unprecedented. The addition of pianos and unorthodox effects has me considering GG King alongside other idiosyncratic punks like Geza X, Billy Synth and Doc Dart, but he’s not even close to as weird as any of those guys, nor does he try to be. “Dekalb County Endless” has two barely-related parts, like Samhain meeting Flipper on Jon Spencer’s turf, if that provides even the slightest bit of help, whereas the insta-catchy “Melt On You” sounds like a song Green Day would’ve recorded during their Dookie sessions but left off the album for being too dark. My difficulty in tidily summing up Remain Intact should provide all the encouragement you need to check it out, from partial punks right up to the total ones." YGR

Includes d/l code.
Insert with lyrics.
Highly recommended.

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