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GERMAN ARMY - Jivaro Witnesses LP


GERMAN ARMY - Jivaro Witnesses LP

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German Army incorporates the memories of the vintage recordings of Cabaret Voltaire, Dark Day, Hafler Trio, and Kaa Antílope, albeit with a stylized, unique European manner of understanding the genre.
Such a prolific venture, as dictated by the 80s cassette subculture canons of electronic music, does not equate, in their case, to dispersion. German Army always puts every effort to render a kind of sound that veers from noise in order to synthesize a synaptic symphony, gushy and cold, full of barbed-wire fences and vanishing borders.
Their sound, akin to Cabaret Voltaire, does not constitute a mere copy of these, but treats paranoia as a primordial sonic expression, and sound as a virus that spreads across the spoken word setting mechanisms that have remained hidden in the listener.
They are not an ambient band, but the deep mark of Zoviet France and Nocturnal Emissions makes itself evident in the way they shaped the volt anatomy against a sky full of threatingly watching drones.

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