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FUGAZI - The Argument LP


FUGAZI - The Argument LP

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Includes d/l code.
Remastered from original source tapes.

The Argument - Fugazi's apex and a strong candidate for best album of the 00's. And yet again they've changed their sound into something different than before. Although retaining the same recording engineer and studio (inner ear) as the last two albums, the Fugazi sound on The Argument has shifted into a cerebral, murky wash of beauty and noise. They've done the impossible by making their most melodic, accessible record still somehow extremely dense and challenging. The contrast is most noticeably jarring on "Full Disclosure", where female backing vocals help punctuate this extremely catchy chorus and the guitar line during the bridge is just bursting with joy; the rest of the song is this ugly, shrieking mess of guitars, sinking into an atonal madness. As if their palate wasn't expanded far enough already, nearly every song implements second drummer Jerry Busher, whether its behind a drum kit or on percussion. Other songs may feature piano, cello, vibes or even acoustic guitar, often as the focal point of the song. The brilliant "Strangelight" includes both piano and cello sharing a riff toward the end that repeats for ages while the chords get more abstract. Probably the darkest thing this band ever did, it sounds like no other song in their catalog and it's easily one of my favorites.

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