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FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS - Brain Telephone LP (colour vinyl)


FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERS - Brain Telephone LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition of 500 copies on "Crangerine 3 Colour Swirl" and "Seismic Blast Pinwheel Splatter" colour vinyl.

Highly recommended.

As the diamond hits the plastic on Frankie and the Witch Fingers' Brain Telephone, a sonic tornado swirls out of the speakers and into your ears like a psychedelic party-line flipping a black-and-white world into technicolor. The quartet cooks up a cachophony of sounds which boil over as the troglodyte beat and the fuzzy phased-out guitars melt together. From here, the spell gets sweeter. A rock n' roll groove laced with slap back and heady lyrics quickly connects your call to the Witch Finger's acid boogie shack nestled deep in the belly of Los Angeles. A transformation occurs as mind bending shadows appear on a yet-to-be-named purple planet with lush gardens of grinning neon fungi bopping and swaying along to each catchy hook and chorus. The serpentine tape reels capture Texas barn burners, hallucinogenic Chuck Berry guitar licks, and middle-eastern rave-ups along the way as well. This adventure is littered with evil caricatures and surrealistic visions that will warble your mind, if you stay on the line. 

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