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Sacred Bones


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Highly recommended.

While post-punk and Krautrock are still at the heart of Föllakzoid's dark grooves, on III they incorporate other influences in unexpected yet winning ways. Over the course of four generous tracks, the Chilean trio draws on techno and traditional Andean sounds for an added hypnotic depth. To that end, they collaborated with Atom™'s Uwe Schmidt, whose vintage Korg synthesizer (which belonged to Kraftwerk in the '80s) imbues the album with warmth and mystery. Indeed, III is so enveloping that its songs might as well have their own climates: the album opener "Electric," for example, rides a rolling, arid groove that unfolds like a vast desert as Schmidt's synths gust in from all sides. Later, "Piure" seems to be made of smoke and fog, its psychedelia reaching a mystical peak that feels strangely ancient. Much of III was written while Föllakzoid were on tour, and the album reflects and benefits from the precise yet elastic interplay of a seasoned live band; the intricate interplay on "Earth" doesn't get in the way of its fearsome beat. Meanwhile, "Feuerzeug" (German for "cigarette lighter") lives up to its name by condensing the album's alternately raging and restrained moments in a way that leaves listeners in a trance, or at least wanting to hold a lighter aloft. Ultimately, III is some of Föllakzoid's most confident work yet, and a testament to their ability to be heavy and atmospheric at the same time.

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