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?FOG - 7 Inch Round Black Thing 7"EP


?FOG - 7 Inch Round Black Thing 7"EP

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Includes 9"x11" insert. 
Highly recommended. 

"Reissue of this obscurity from 1985 New Zealand... and like a lot of records from New Zealand it sounds like the Fall’s 1982 tour of their country deeply shaped the band. While ?Fog zip along at faster tempos (which seem even faster thanks to their distinctively busy drummer), the combination of Krautrock-inspired rhythms, a quirky sound pallette, and speak-sung, poetic lyrics and vocals can sound a lot like the Fall’s Room to Live or Hex Enduction Hour. The insert also includes some old photos and press clippings, and the hilariously bad reviews of their gigs add the perfect ambiance. This is a deep cut for sure, but if you like scrappy post-punk, UKDIY, or early Kiwi punk this is worthy of your attention." - Sorry State

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