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FALL, THE - This Nation's Saving Grace LP

Beggars Banquet

FALL, THE - This Nation's Saving Grace LP

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This sure is a catchy record coming from a band that doesn't have mainstream appeal. Do a mental run-through of all the people you know, most of them would react with violent dislike toward the Fall. Yeah, okay, it is a wonderful and frightening world. Most comments made would probably be regarding Mark E. Smith's vocals. "This guy can't sing. Who cares about seeing his new house? What is this? What is he even rambling on about?" Well, truthfully, I almost never know what he's talking about but you've got to love someone who utters lyrics like "feel the wrath of my bombast" and "I Am Damo Suzuki" in its entirety. Damo Suzuki would probably marvel. Punk rock that's too arty for the punkers. What a great lineup they had at this time anyway, huh? Some of the Fall's finest is stashed on this record. So, Fall fans are a weird and strange breed. People don't get us, do they? Still, I don't know what's wrong with you if you can't dig the basslines at least.

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