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FALL, THE - New Facts Emerge 2 x 10"

Cherry Red

FALL, THE - New Facts Emerge 2 x 10"

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Double 10"
Complaining about the repetitive nature of The Fall is like bitching that water is wet.

All mid-tempo garage / rockabilly / psych one-riff stompers with Mark E. half-(probably a gross underestimation) drunkenly ranting some shit or another over the top. The occasional groove sticks for a minute or two (witness "Fol de Rol" or the title track) but the most of this, like, well, pretty much the entire second half, sounds like an aging, degenerate alcoholic with the spectre of a scythe-wielding Death hovering over him, backed by a bunch of sycophantic enablers. Comment has been made on the departure of Eleni Poulou like it actually makes a difference, when the reality is that her presence just made their output during her time a touch less ugly and sad. But whatever, Mark E. Smith doesn't give a fuck. Never has, and until his internal organs finally fail him, never will. Here's to the last Fall album until the next one comes out.

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