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FALL, THE - Middle Class Revolt LP (colour vinyl)


FALL, THE - Middle Class Revolt LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition clear vinyl.

There are fifteen ways to kill a cat, here are fourteen songs doing this thoroughly, sour cream method mercifully excluded. "Everything you see you want". Revolt! Or is it fifteen ways to skin your man? Or drink a 500 dollar bottle of wine and surmount all obstacles. It's what Middle Class Revolt is all about and much more. The Fall is at their most psychotic side here and the album kicks off the most crazy and avant-garde period in their history. 

As with the original 1994 LP release, the track-listing on the packaging and the record itself differ. "War" is listed as the second-to-last track on the second side, but plays as the last track on the first side. This is either superb attention to detail or rank laziness, depending on the cut of your jib.

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