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** FLASH SALE ** FAGELLE - Helvetesdagar LP


** FLASH SALE ** FAGELLE - Helvetesdagar LP

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“Hell days, Fågelles full-length debut, is a straight through uncompromising, filterless, honest, courageous and masterful album. Every one of its just over 2 220 seconds is filled by Klara Andersson's unreserved brain, heart, soul and songwriting mastery (imagine a pitch black mix of M83's most heavenly melodies and composer Hanna Hartman's manipulated field recordings from the volcano Etna and you get an idea of how it sounds).”

“A sinuous vocal that weaves in and out of conventional tonality, hemmed in by a luxuriant thatch of luminous arpeggios. Serene, ecstatic spells of sunlit major-key updrafts, punctuated with toe-curling crunches of unexpected harmonic discord. Like waltzing across a frozen lake with your unrequited first crush. Spiralling out of sight of sorrow and sunlight and sensation – weightless.” 

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