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Jealous Butcher


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It's hard to imagine a more sophisticated and original approach to melodic guitar pop music these days than what Eyelids have offered on their various outings and of course 'Or' is no exception as it is arguably their crowning achievement. Eyelids are the cream of the crop of the not-so-young and consequently seasoned musicians that create masterpieces unbeknownst to most. Suffice it to say that they are former and current members of: GUIDED BY VOICES, STEPHEN MALKMUS / JICKS, THE DECEMBERISTS, SUNSET VALLEY, LOCH LOMOND, BOSTON SPACESHIPS...
"Inspired ringing guitar pop in the ballpark of XTC, Straitjacket Fits, Teenage Fanclub, and Shoes. With the pair's beautific voices, consummate melodies, and high-hooky tunes, it's first-play 'sold'." - The Big Takeover

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