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EN ATTENDANT ANA - Lost & Found LP (colour vinyl)

Trouble In Mind

EN ATTENDANT ANA - Lost & Found LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited orange colour vinyl.
Includes lyric insert.
Highly recommended.

Parisian quintet evoking the likes of Electrelane, Pram, and Stereolab infused with the indie pop spirit of '80s Scotland and captured in the glorious 4-track murk of early era Flying Nun. 

''Lost and Found'' begins with the ominous clanging of guitars, before launching into a churning whirl of sound; guitars slash, keyboards drone, trumpets wail, and drums crash. What follows are nine more songs of urgent and thrilling pop dazzle; from the adrenaline-soaked anthem ''This Could Be'', to the driving ''Re'' with it's rapturous ''oohs'' and Camille Frechou's uplifting trumpet fanfare, echoing Entwistle's French horn lines from ''Sell Out''-era Who. Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Margaux Bouchaudon's a yearning, tuneful register can't help but recall the indie cool of Laetitia Sadier or Nico, but still boasts a style of her own. The clarity and timelessness of the band's songwriting proves them to be a band filled with craft and promise. 

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