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EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - All In Good Time LP (colour vinyl)

Castle Face

EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - All In Good Time LP (colour vinyl)

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Includes d/l code. 
"Seafoam Split" colour edition. 
Highly recommended.

New ECSR album is a great one. A slow burner perhaps, taking to the third listen before those familiar guitar strains amidst angular punk and repetitive chug, combined with Brendan Suppression's clever observations on society really struck a chord with me. Wonderful to have Eddy Current back. 

"There have been plenty of talks lately of the best of the last decade, dredging up a few names that I haven’t heard in years. One of the truly sad omissions, though, from the last ten years has been the punk sweat stain of Eddy Current Suppression Ring. The band helped define the end of the aughts with a vicious run from ’06 – ’09, but following that year’s Rush To Relax the band fell silent with only a few singles trickling out ending with 2011’s Captcha send-off Walking in Unison. 

Great news comes with an announcement that the band is making their low-key return. They purportedly told Castle Face “not to make a big deal of it,” but they have a new album, All In Good Time, on the way shortly. 

“Our Quiet Whisper” sees the band return to their angular acumen, reminding listeners where the Aussie boom of the last few years really kicked off. The song is a slow-burn, full of the tempered tension the band employs so well and coupled with a new video scattered with geometric visuals that play well with the band’s prickled parlance. It feels like an ease into the album and I have a feeling there are a few burners on the way, but for now this is hitting the spot." - RAVEN SINGS THE BLUES 

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