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DREW MCDOWALL - Unnatural Channel LP


DREW MCDOWALL - Unnatural Channel LP

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After the long overdue release of DREW MCDOWALL's debut solo album Collapse in 2015, the experimental music underground saw McDowall as an arrival of an artist that was always here, hiding in plain sight. He was quietly in the background, pulling the levers on some of the most influential recordings in electronic music and with shifting his focus from the role as band member of such legendary acts as COIL & PSYCHIC TV along with his recent collaborative efforts alongside Tres Warren (of Psychic Ills) in COMPOUND EYE, McDowall came to finally identity as a singular artist and figurehead to a movement that has vitally required his presence.

His second full length endeavor for Dais Records is aptly titled Unnatural Channel, allowing McDowall to allocate offerings to the ghosts of his past using methods not fully understood. Moving forward from the impact left with his first album, Unnatural Channel moves McDowall into more uncharted territory. From the opening mark, Drew’s distinct fingerprint is evident on the track “Tell Me the Name,” his signature ambient ebb and flow to pulsing electronics painted over reverberated percussions that have been pulled apart and spun around the spectrum.

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