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DRAB MAJESTY - The Demonstration LP


DRAB MAJESTY - The Demonstration LP

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Drab Majesty is LA-based artist Deb Demure, alter ego of Andrew Clinco of Marriages. Starting off in 2012 with a cassette release called Unarian Dances, Deb progressed to 2015’s excellent post-punk release Careless. Demure dabbles in the sort of icy, elegant post punk offered up in the 80s from bands such as The Cure. There are drum machines and synths, as expected, but then we have Demure’s notable guitar playing and strong sense of melody, which elevates his work to something rather special.

"Wielding a left-handed guitar, Deb employs a unique style of arpeggiated finger picking, producing vast and organic musical textures reminiscent of Vinny Reilly (Durutti Column) with the anthemic power of Sisters of Mercy and Cocteau Twins."

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