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DOS - Justamente Tres LP (RSD 2021)

Kill Rock Stars

DOS - Justamente Tres LP (RSD 2021)

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Limited edition teal colour vinyl. 
25 year anniversary reissue and first time on vinyl. 
Remastered from the original audio source. 

The band Dos (as in the Spanish word for the number two...not the computer language) was formed in 1985 following the break up of the Minutemen. Former Black Flag bassist Kira Roessler and Minutemen bassist Mike Watt had been doing experimental dual bass jams and recordings, and following the passing of D. Boon, Roessler wanted to keep Watt occupied. The pair hit on the idea of recording an album featuring just two basses, with vocals, and without any other instruments in the mix. After trading four track demos by mail for months, the pair got together in mid-1986 for recording sessions that would become the album Dos, released on Watt's own label New Alliance Records. The two reformed in 1989 to record once again, this time the EP Numero Dos. Both of these releases were later combined to create the compilation Uno con Dos. Dos would play shows together during this time, and even short tours of Canada and Europe, often opening for Watt's main band at the time, fIREHOSE.

Dos continued to play a factor in Watt's busy touring and recording schedule, with the duo performing handfuls of shows each year and recording the occasional 7" single. In 1996, the pair released Justamente Tres on the Kill Rock Stars record label. In 2011, the duo's third full-length album, Dos y Dos, was released on Watt's new label Clenchedwrench.

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