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DINOSAUR JR. - You're Living All Over Me LP


DINOSAUR JR. - You're Living All Over Me LP

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The mind-bogglingness of You're Living All Over Me (and all of Dinosaur Jr. in general, for that matter) has becomes more and more apparent over time. It isn't just some indie guitar rock album; it's an album that rides solely on the emotional and mental anguish of J Mascis, that comes out so perfectly in his voice and guitar playing. And the interplay between J Mascis and Lou Barlow is nothing short of astonishing. Musically speaking, it's a slate of noise rock like no other, really. J Mascis has already cemented himself as a guitar god by this point. He's just so incredibly dynamic, and he can do everything with that guitar. You have loads of riffage and stuff, and then out of nowhere a fucking hurricane of J Mascis fury comes blowing into town, ripping the shingles off of rooftops.

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