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DETROIT COBRAS - Life, Love and Leaving LP

Third Man

DETROIT COBRAS - Life, Love and Leaving LP

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The best way to describe this album is that The Detroit Cobras took some very old songs, added a modern twist to them, stirred in some rock 'n roll, and made some timeless songs that all stand out from each other.  There is no weak moment; there is no particularly strong moment - except for one: the finale, “Shout Bama Lama.”  This Otis Redding cover is like an enjoyable jam, bluesy in all prospects and rocks the album to a suitable ending, being the strongest track out of fourteen extremely solid and strong tracks; it is a classic example of 'saving the best for last.'

Overall, it's an amazing album.  If you like any kind of rock, chances are you'll enjoy this a lot. Also, if you like soul, garage-styled music, or female-fronted bands, then this album is quintessential in all of those traits.

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