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DERANGED - Place of Torment 12"

Supreme Echo

DERANGED - Place of Torment 12"

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Limited edition of 500 copies.

Includes 12 page booklet with interview, flyers, art, photographs and lyrics.

After the first wave of extreme metal in Victoria, BC, Deranged unexpectedly emerged and literally cleared the playing field. Taking their influences directly from the tape trading underground, their openness towards new and extreme sub-genres led to a potent hybrid of death/thrash metal.

Their second demo “Place Of Torment” heralded massive progression and rave reviews. All four songs were transferred from original 16 track analogue masters at the legendary Fiasco Bros studio, remixed by critically acclaimed engineer Kurt Ballou at GodCity, mastered by Audu Obaje at WE2, and finally cut at 45 rpm for highest fidelity. This flawless masterpiece stands tall next to any worldwide contemporary and would have been huge had they received a record deal in the 80s.

Ferocious Canadian death / thrash metal.

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