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DELILUH - Beneath The Floors LP

Tin Angel

DELILUH - Beneath The Floors LP

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180 gram vinyl.
Highly recommended. 

Deliluh is an emerging experimental art-rock group that has solidified a reputation in Toronto as a torchbearer for the DIY music community. Their sound fuses elements of punk, drone & experimental music into a organic, yet fiercely resonating sonic identity.

Recorded in the same veterans hall 5 months prior to it’s sibling record (Oath Of Intent), Beneath The Floors delves deeper into their dark imagination, stretching further into stylistic extremes. Spoken stories that thread through the ringing clamour of post-punk anthems (Incantessa, Lickspittle: A Nut In The Paste) are juxtaposed by the soft whisper of ballads (Via 5A, Hangman’s Keep) and sinister instrumental passages (Falcon Scott Trail, Con Art Inc.) Rests between songs are seldom. Hard cuts and hiss from the reel-to-reel tape sessions inject a spirit of conviction through each passing movement, leaving behind a sense of wonder in their wake.

The LP explores themes surrounding generational imbalance, self-affliction and inner-conflict in the face of mortality. A relay of changing protagonists are followed struggling through the underbellies of modern life, and their respective scenarios also range in the extremes. While 'Master Keys' peers over the shoulder of a paranoid security guard, ‘Via 5A' stalks a young siren on a Toronto transit joyride, and the title track’s abandoned hotel haunts a vulnerable visitor to tears. Some songs poke fun at surface level insecurities: ‘Lickspittle’ patronizes a rejected outsider, while ‘Cleat Walker’ knocks an image conscious athlete over his shoe-shine fetish. Conversely, the impending doom in their instrumental soundtrack to the deadly Terra Nova Expedition (Falcon Scott Trail) is potently matched by the lyrics to ‘Hangman’s Keep’, acknowledging the end of the line for three characters hanging off opposite edges of societies margins: a teenage heroin addict, a drought stricken shepherd, and a suicidal inmate.

For listeners familiar with Deliluh, Beneath The Floors reaffirms their knack for story telling. It’s also fitting that the album is slated for an early winter arrival, as a second act following Oath Of Intent’s fiery blaze. It’s journey often winds in tenuous anticipation before snapping cold into new musical worlds and eery plot lines. But what most differentiates this record are the boundaries with which the group push to share their stories. Ever undaunted in exploring the fringe, Deliluh continues to make their own rules, and their latest is a testament to what can be reaped from risk taking in today’s trivial times.

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