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DEAD SHEERAN - A National Disgrace LP


DEAD SHEERAN - A National Disgrace LP

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Following the recent self-titled mini album, Dead Sheeran returns with his full debut album A National Disgrace. Once again Dead looks at the way the country continues to spiral downwards into oblivion in his usual satirical and tourette-like way. Pianos and strings play over harsh basslines and hip hop beats, and punk rock fuses with video game soundtracks, while the lyrics paint a dark picture of the situation we find ourselves in.

The album was started in the last throes of Lockdown 1, with songs such Can Things Get Any Worse?, The Problem With This Country and the government's failed attempts at getting UK furloughed workers to get out and harvest fruit in Pick For Britain narrating the crazy days of Summer 2020. As lockdown eased, and society started to erupt, tunes such as Kicking Off In The Streets, and Keep Your Distance started to come into play. Self awareness, social media abuse, litter louts and right wing mates all come under fire over the duration of this 11 track album, with the moods changing as regular as the F-bomb gets dropped. Essential listening for these strange times.

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