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DEAD MOON - Stranded In The Mystery Zone LP


DEAD MOON - Stranded In The Mystery Zone LP

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Dead Moon is kind of like AC/DC in the sense that all of their records sound the same. Recorded in mono and cut on their own lathe (the same one that was said to have cut The Kingsmen's Louie Louie), putting out their records on their own Tombstone label, they embody all that it really means to be independent (Fred even built the house that he and Toody live in) and to really do things for yourself. Fred is one who knows. He's played the game for so long, been cheated, robbed and ripped-off that it completely shows and can be heard in his music. This album is the perfect embodiment of that. Great songs from start to finish. Anyone who claims to even like real rock 'n' roll should own at least one Dead Moon album. I would suggest this one.

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