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DAVID J - Thoughts & Prayers / Hole In the Middle 7"


DAVID J - Thoughts & Prayers / Hole In the Middle 7"

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Record Store Day 2019. 
Includes d/l code. 
Limited to 500 copies. 

Bauhaus and Love & Rockets co-founder David J Haskins, the man responsible for the lyrics of Bauhaus' classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is releasing the first great protest song of the year. "Thoughts and Prayers" is a scathing rebuke of the United States for it's inability to stop the senseless mass school shootings that are killing our nation's children. Haskins bemoans the futility of "sending thoughts and prayers" to solve this tragic issue and also the inherent hypocrisy of the present government. The 7" single "Thoughts and Prayers" comes packaged in a sleeve with a striking picture of a rifle with a bloody red circle around it and a line drawn through it. The complete lyrics of "Thoughts and Prayers" are printed on the back so the nation does not miss a word of this powerful call to action. The B-Side is a haunting cover of Emily Jane Whites's "Hole in the Middle," another powerful political song that is equally as relevant today.

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