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DARTO - Fundamental Slime 12"


DARTO - Fundamental Slime 12"

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Experimental rock outfit DARTO deliver their new Fundamental Slime‘ 12-inch via Aagoo Records. Formed in 2010 in Seattle, Washington, Darto is GORDON DE LOS SANTOS, GREGORY FLORES, CANDACE HARTER and NICHOLAS MERZ. This album was self-recorded on April 12-14 on Whidbey Island at the Flores Roost. It was mixed by STEVE FISK and mastered by APRIL GOLDEN. While their previous ‘Human Giving‘ explored the realm of human possibility within the context of hope, community and the dissolution of self, ‘Fundamental Slime‘ is an observation on the darker end of the human-possibility spectrum. Ego, power, and nihilism are dissected from the viewpoint of various individuals struggling to dominate or be dominated. Where the lyrics give voice, the sounds give flesh. Continuing to broaden the scope of instrumentation allowed Darto to wander into new territory on this album. Working with saxophonist NEIL WELCH of groundbreaking Seattle jazz duo BAD LUCK, the massively varied sonic qualities of the performance by a genius gave each song its own body – startling, confusing, soothing, airy, void, distant, deplorable, and beautiful.

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