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Limited to 400 copies.
Highly recommended. 

"Dan Melchior is still making great records. They just sound a lot more fucked up now. K-85 flits between bent takes on classic Melchior rockers such as the first track “Dirty Lies” and cheapo electronics grounded noise excursions like “Air Nippon.” I’m sitting here right now and l’m telling you that the inclusion of these varying kinds of tunes makes for a better whole."(Boston Hassle)

“Melchior’s standing as one of the most articulate and creative songwriters of our time is not in question – the amount of times he has retooled or modified and expanded his palette is astounding, he’s blown away any real notion of genre in his work and has nearly created one all his own. Which brings us to K-85, which I’ll say that this one is a pretty damn good record. Let my mistakes be a lesson to someone out there – just because there’s a huge buffet doesn’t mean you have to gorge on it all. It’s ok to say no. A dozen tracks split almost evenly between Melchiorian pop and exciting sound experiments. Pick and choose is how you need to approach it, and this is a fine pick.” (Terminal Boredom)

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