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CRAMPS - Songs The Lord Taught Us LP


CRAMPS - Songs The Lord Taught Us LP

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Cheap fanclub repro on orange colour vinyl.

Highly recommended.

This is one of the most creepily sexual albums you'll probably ever hear. (For others, there's the rest of the Cramps' discography.) The Cramps play a punk/rockabilly set that includes some of their best originals ("TV Set" and "I Was a Teenage Werewolf") mixed with some excellent reworked rock & roll covers, like "Sunglasses After Dark", "Tear It Up", and "Fever." Poison Ivy and Bryan Gregory share guitar duty, perfectly blending their parts, with Nick Knox pounding along on the drumkit and Lux Interior terrifying the listener in the most amusingly charismatic way. It ends up being really fun with a B-horror movie slant. They're often imitated, but this is the real deal, folks.

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