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CRAMPS - Bad Music For Bad People LP (colour vinyl)


CRAMPS - Bad Music For Bad People LP (colour vinyl)

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Cheap fanclub repro on yellow colour vinyl.

Highly recommended.

If this slab o' wax isn't sitting pretty in your collection... there's something missing in your life that, when you're rocking back and forth in the rest home's rickety old rocking chair, you'll look back on your failure to procure a copy of this record with nothing but overwhelming regret.  When it finally strikes you that you're too damned aged and decrepit to get down properly to the Cramps, you'll hang your head and cry.

With killer cuts like "TV Set", "The Garbageman", "Some New Kind of Kick", and "Human Fly", this nifty Cramps comp's what got me into this fabulous band in the first place.  Which is why I say it's as good a place as any to start if the Cramps are, as impossible as it sounds to me today, alien and foreign to you.  But, folks, just don't miss out.  Living ain't the same without some Lux and Poison Ivy in it.  Don't at long last finally get this gem when the only rockin' you'll be able to do is in a chair.

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