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COWS - Daddy Has A Tail LP

Amphetamine Reptile

COWS - Daddy Has A Tail LP

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Highly recommended. 

This is the second from their infamous musical trinity, and it rocks hard, very hard. This sounds really urban (more like downtown, very downtown, very decadent, very druggy) with its distorted oozing bass and its illogical and sometimes undecipherable shards of guitar, with the chaos perfected by the sloppy drumming and the very great vocals of Selberg. This is The Stooges leaving any trace of their sensuality behind and replacing it with a very screwy kid-meets-dopehead sense of humor, love, or anything human, for that matter, while sinking in a haze of trashy distortion. It is both humorous and menacing at once, giving the impression that the subjects were actually approached without any obvious intention, and the dope was left to do the talk. I can hardly find a band that incarnated noise-rock this well, maybe Pussy Galore would also fit, but... only some songs off Right Now and Dial M would fit, and they did not possess the strength and genuine idiocy of Cows.

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