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COUNTRY TEASERS - Satan Is Real Again LP


COUNTRY TEASERS - Satan Is Real Again LP

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Gatefold with inner sleeve with liner notes. 
Highly recommended.

A rather deluxe reissue of this classic second LP by Edinburgh/London combo Country Teasers, featuring tons of info on just how this LP came to be, plus the rather fucked-up story of a wee label flailing against the corrupt/inept accounting by Atlantic Records. 

Perhaps best is to quote directly from the original 1996 one-sheet (including original fonts!): 
Yes, my friends; A new 14-cut album from London´s finest, no doubt to cost Crypt more "garage/punk cred" within the ranks of those "hip". Well, believe me, I just spent 24 hours going thru a stack of over 200 demos from half-assed newly "hep" "garage" and "punk" bands and the Teasers cut a bold swath through alla these nouveau Caesars or D Dogs attempters, never mind alla these pissant surf/lo-fi/"trash" punkers with absolutely no fucking SUBSTANCE or originality. I will admit that the Teasers AIN´T yer "typical" Crypt "sound"; Hell, they almost fit in and could even appeal to "garage" hating "indie rock" types.

Anyway, the alb kicks off with a noisey instrumental "intro", "THE WIDE-OPEN BEAVER OF NASHVILLE". Next up: the ALMOST "radio-friendly" "BLACK CHANGE" kicks in. Track 3 is an ode to the subtleties & innocent pleasures of "PANTY SHOTS". "IT IS MY DUTY": a charming, skipping treatise on the overly facistic feminism of now. Rather than apologize for any whining from the PC do-gooders, the next tune, a poignant C&W ballad, blames Ben´s brutal truth-laying on the "DEVIL ON MY BACK". Next up, the video-game squealing instro "LITTLE BLACK CLOUDS". And, rounding off side 1, another quiet C&W ballad, "LIES". Side 2 kicks off with a rollicking new wave "dance" ditty on the joys of being a man, "THANK YOU GOD FOR MAKING ME AN ANGEL", complete w/ intro/outro cops from a Joy Division tune. "CRIPPLES" is an ace mid-tempo jaunt. "SOME HOLE" is a crawling, slide-guit-screeching C&W ode to chasing pussy. "I DON´T LIKE PEOPLE" is a fast-paced R&B rocker about the "pleasures" of society. "COUNTRY FAG" is a rather crude "thru the eyes of" sketch about the manly West. "SATAN IS REAL AGAIN" is a dark discourse on Ben´s personal tract with the Prince Of Darkness. And, after all that bile and blood- letting... a quiet cover of the old standard, "THESE THINGS SHALL PASS", Ben´s "farewell" message of perseverance and hope….

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