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CORSANO, MARANHA and YOUNGS - s/t LP (colour vinyl)

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CORSANO, MARANHA and YOUNGS - s/t LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition colour vinyl.

If you’re reading this and know the incredible careers of Chris Corsano (US), David Maranha (PT) and Richard Youngs (UK) you can already imagine what you’re getting into… or maybe not.

Opened up to virtually infinite possibilities, this is a blessed gathering by three of the most idiosyncratic and illuminated artists working in the sprawling field where the most defiant and unmapped music converge. Leading figures of the unnameable, each of them on his own has created a superlative and indelible body of work, driven by their own vision and willingness to face the unknown. The same uncompromising position that presides over this trio. Let us embrace this with open hearts and minds. We shall be rewarded.

Recorded on a hot June night of their 2019 tour at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels, this is an incredible document of the unique chemistry that guided the three musicians, a 40 minute ride divided into two deep journeys: We All Become Everything an almost lush beautiful exploration of the unknown that moves from snake-rattling desert atmospheres to magniloquent chants that could almost be included in the torch-songs category, with Richard Youngs’ voice gliding across the fields with grace and crystalline force over David Maranha’s organ and violin and Chris Corsano’s steady thump: Impossible Sun moves mountains and reminds us of the uncanny improvisational instincts that these three musicians have always brought to the table, a cinematic piece created with percussion, effects and flutes, a meditative piece continuously on the brink of explosion.

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