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CORIKY - s/t LP (colour vinyl)


CORIKY - s/t LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition pink colour vinyl.
Includes d/l code.
Highly recommended. 

Former members of Minor Threat, Fugazi and the Evens deliver a bracing blast of moral, melodic US punk. 

Coriky are as close to the much-missed Fugazi as it gets in 2020. And they come thrillingly, deliciously near. MacKaye is back yelling and unleashing screes of guitar, with Lally unspooling dub and funk-influenced basslines which are not subordinate to MacKaye’s lead. Farina drums eloquently and provides a melodic vocal foil to MacKaye’s stentorian holler, much like his Fugazi co-frontman Guy Picciotto once did. In Coriky, this trio is creating an unexpected new chapter in one of the great plotlines in American alternative music. 

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