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CONDUIT - Drowning World LP

Kitschy Spirit

CONDUIT - Drowning World LP

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Highly recommended.

To say in advance that the quartet features members of Twin Stumps, Pop. 1280, White Suns, and Squad Car, should hint at the doom-and-gloom nature of their sound, but it could never prepare you for the unforgiving brutality ingrained in every pounding note of this track. An impossibly bleak, nearing atonal chord, is carried on the shoulders of a heavier-than-heavy rhythm section, like a battering ram set aflame and systematically going to work on a castle gate. The drums alone, the grotesque guitar tone alone, would be enough to shake the ground you walk on and run your blood cold. It’s thickened with bass to the point of bodily seizure, as vocalist Alessandro Keegan’s ballistic shouts shower down, calling for apocalypse. All together, it’s as if this doomsday machine feeds off its own crippling volume. It’s so fucking heavy. Relentless. Unbearable. That is, until the tumult repeats and repeats again; the repetition becomes drone, drone becomes…almost…soothing? By its end, you submit to your own doomed fate. How grim can you get?

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