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COMET GAIN - City Fallen Leaves 2LP


COMET GAIN - City Fallen Leaves 2LP

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Comet Gain are one of the most beloved bands in all of the western world. Over dozens of releases, they’ve painted a consummate picture of life in modern southeast Britain. They sit at the nexus of punk, post-punk, mods, rockers, romantics, aesthetes, bohemians, hedonists, philosophers… I’ll stop there. But their albums are highly prized. M’lady’s is incredibly excited to be reissuing two of their best: “Realistes” from 2002, and their double album opus “City Fallen Leaves” from 2005. The latter is making its first ever appearance on vinyl, after being CD-only for over a decade. We’re reproducing the albums exactly as originally issued, and with the full participation of the group. If you need an autumn or winter soundtrack, look no further, truly. BORED BORED BORED WITH GOING OUT / BORED WITH STAYING IN. Get involved in Comet Gain’s world.

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