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COLD FEET - Punk Entity 12"

Feel It

COLD FEET - Punk Entity 12"

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Includes d/l code.
Limited to 400 copies. 
Risograph printed insert. 

Baltimore's COLD FEET have crafted their own trashy, hardcore punk anthems on Punk Entity. Following a promising debut 7" EP and several cassette releases, we find Cold Feet at the height of their game with eight completely scorching tracks. Caught somewhere in the crosshairs of the early '80s USHC craze, like the odd New Englander cousin who caught as much X-Claim! as Mutha Records bands—Cold Feet harness the power of Get It Away-era SSD, steal the reckless abandon of the first couple N.O.T.A. 7"s, and indulge the bohemian sense of humor that Adrenalin O.D. rocked. These guys are complete underdogs, the secretly smart idiots that allow their guitar player to be Jim Lahey for a Halloween gig and still completely blow the place apart.

Cold Feet are here to show ya that they're one of the most true-to-form hardcore bands of contempo HC punk and hammer the point home with Punk Entity.

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