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Mad Music is the third and unexpectedly final album by Ciggie Witch. When Zac Denton, the band's co-founder and co-lead singer died tragically late last year at the age of 24 from complications owing to a brain cyst, he had yet to realise his ambition to reissue Mad Music on vinyl. Finally now, here it is! Says the band's co-frontperson Mitch Clemens: "Though we weren't planning on it being our last, this record is a fitting end to Ciggie Witch's 'studio' discography.

Recording this album was heaps of fun, with the whole band squeezed into Zac's bedroom, talking and writing and recording each other's songs, often only a handful of takes after playing it for the first time. I think this mixture of recreation and urgency is evident in the recordings, and we're stoked that you can now listen to it on the big liquorice disk." Mad Music is twelve tracks spanning odd-ball pop, heartbreaking ballads, spoken word and straight-up jangle.


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