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CHURCH - Starfish LP

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CHURCH - Starfish LP

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180 gram vinyl.
Highly recommended.

Most groups turn corners, where sometimes that’s a good thing, other times it can be disastrous. It was definitely a good thing when The Church turned their corner and floated the song “Under The Milky Way” across the universe of our collective subconsciousnesses, from the album Starfish

Though one can hear hints of Starfish, in some of the earlier recordings, those releases are nearly one hundred and eighty degrees from this outing and from where the group would eventually end up. The Starfish album is a stroke of genus, a mellow floating time expanding inward looking outward expression of a serious change in attitudes for the boys ... and that change, as it has been for so many before, came with the use of mind altering substances, namely LSD [one needs only to go back and read their early interviews to establish this fact, and the substance overflowed on their up coming release of Somewhere, Anywhere].

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