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CHAIN & THE GANG - Best of Crime Rock LP

In The Red

CHAIN & THE GANG - Best of Crime Rock LP

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Highly recommended. 

Chain & the Gang are different than the rest. You won’t see their name on the garbage heap of hyped bands pushed by paid-off web-zine tastemakers. They’re not “jingle-core,” tattooed onto your subconscious via Madison Avenue mind-control ad campaigns. They’re not middle brow NPR indie listening for Prius owning cubicle rockers or a tiresome teenage retread of ‘90s surrender sludge.
No. Chain & the Gang are singular, terrifying, unparalleled. Not only the most ferocious live combo ever witnessed but also the world’s ONLY anti-liberty rock ’n’ roll group. Their motto? “Down with Liberty … Up with Chains!” 
Chain & the Gang don’t care about grades, likes, traffic or hits. They don’t petition publicists for goofy hype or pander to the corrupt institutions who molest rock ’n’ roll and use it as their plaything. Chain & Co. don’t play that game. They want total destruction of the insipid rock ’n’ roll status quo and the foul system it purports to offer relief from –- but in fact keeps afloat. 
Chain & the Gang have released five uncompromising records, each one a brilliant tossed off sketchbook of insolence and provocation: “Down with Liberty … Up With Chains!”, “Music’s Not For Everyone”, “In Cool Blood”, “Minimum Rock ’n’ Roll”, and “Experimental Music”.
You got them or always meant to get them. Now: YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!! 
Now you only need one:  
This is it: Chain & the Gang; “BEST OF ... CRIME ROCK” , on 'In The Red' Records and Tapes. 
They just recorded it. Its easily the best record, with the most passion, the most accuracy, the most cunning, the most vigor. 
Every song on these records is a classic, each lyric an anthem. The tunes are simplistic to the point of parody; call and response rhythm chants which infiltrate the consciousness and leave the listener transformed forever. 
Each group member is a star. But together they’re something greater than the parts. An irresistible combo that provides the best hope for the future and the only answer to the embarrassing slime pit called “culture” nowadays.

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