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CAN - Delay 1968 LP


CAN - Delay 1968 LP

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Limited edition pink colour vinyl. 

Krautrock legends get timely reissue campaign. 

Can's earliest recordings 1968 at schloss Norvenich capture the Krautrock legends at their most minimal and raw. This probably is the reason no labels took up the option to release it when the band originally shopped it around. The sessions where shelved and only released after the bands later demise.

However dont let the short sightedness of record companies stop you from indulging in what is a very worthy moment in the Kraut cadre. 

These lo-fi, 2 track recordings have a charm and influence much more easily appreciated in a modern context. These tracks have a more Psych and rhythm&blues influence that casts a shadow over todays innovative heavyweights like Radiohead who cover Thief, the final track on side one of Delay.

Although not as mind blowing as some of the bands classic recordings this is something that any serious aural psychonaut should be investing time into.

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